Themes of Paintings

When you are choosing decorations for your home or office, you might consider hanging a painting or two on the wall. What you pick can reflect your personality and give the space the right touch. Here are a few themes to consider.


Whether the artist was painting big timber mt or a seaside scene, a landscape fits in nearly every room you have. You can choose one that depicts a favorite place that you like to visit or to commemorate a favorite trip. You can select a variety that replicate famous places near where you are, especially if you intend to hang them in your business. A picture of an ocean or mountain can bring a sense of tranquility to your living or workspace. 


Paintings of animals can work for all types of rooms. If you want to give the space a rural, rustic feel, you should look for pictures of deer, moose, or other wildlife you might find in the mountains or forests. However, your options for a background are limited. Portraits of cats and dogs have versatility and can be used in multiple settings since these pets can be found in many different places. Their friendly warmth works well anywhere from a child’s bedroom to your office. 


One option for decor is to find something that blends well with your decor. Abstract paintings work well with this. Whether it depicts a landscape scene or is a design of colors, you can select one that holds the tints that you might have in your room. You can also find a series that obtains the same sort of look and colors then hang all of them together in a row to tie your room together. This method of art allows you to deduct the meaning of the painting for yourself.