Almost everyone is worried about the roof of the house when it rains. Sometimes we have spent a lot of money for home renovations. The roof has been repaired, but it always leaks. What can we and the contractor surpass? Here are a few triggers that could be intertwined.

Roof design

Functioning roof design means to cause leakage. Is your roof very gentle? Water will always infiltrate when the rain is accompanied by the wind. Is your concrete surface not properly tilted towards the floor drain? Water wants to pool above you. Discuss these matters with your architect or contractor when he starts building a house.

Sliding tile

Although it may have been installed correctly, sometimes the roof covering or tile can be switched due to rain accompanied by strong winds, or due to being trampled by fauna. Periodic checking is one of the methods to recognize the formation of displacement on the tile.

Damaged or cracked tile

Sometimes there are cracks or breaks in the roof covering or tile that you use. This can be caused by factory defects, extreme temperature ratios, harsh winds, impacting or fauna constraints. Periodic visual checks just want to show the damaged tile, but specifically in concrete tiles can be entwined invisible hair cracks.

Dak cracked concrete

Cracks are not only on concrete roof tiles, they can also be woven into your concrete roof. Making imperfect dak, continuous weather exposures, and movement of entire buildings can cause cracks in concrete. Checking and reseating waterproofing regularly is a method of avoiding leakage.

Waterproofing paint peeling off

Water-resistant or waterproofing paint that you use on parts of the roof (gutters, jurai, or rooftops), not concrete, and chambers attached to the person next door, have an age of use. Ask this about the paint seller, after the expiration date of use until you have to do a resurfacing.

Gutter and blocked ducts

Finally, if you feel you have fixed a leak on your roof. Re-check the gutter and rainwater drains on your roof, especially if your house is surrounded by large trees. Trash of leaves and stalks of lightning once piled on your roof gutter.

The problem of roof leakage is a classic problem when the rainy season comes. Various triggers above can be established at any time. Checking and maintaining the roof on a regular basis is a very significant matter, do not wait until your house has just leaked a revision. Avoiding is better than cure.