Providing Extra Storage to Your Bathroom Does Not Have to Be Expensive

If you have a bathroom with limited space or virtually no storage facilities, it can be difficult to keep it neat and tidy. There are many options available to make your bathroom clutter free. Some of these options only cost a few dollars, where others can cost much more. If you are limited on the amount of money you can spend on your bathroom, you could start with the smaller fixings before working your way up to the more expensive furniture.
The least expensive way to provide storage to a bathroom is by buying a towel shelf and towel ring. These fixings don’t hide your products from view, but they can keep you bathroom neat and tidy. A towel shelf is multifunctional as it provides a bar to hang towels as well as a shelf to hold smaller products you use on a daily basis. You could even use the shelf to store additional towels.
The towel ring can be situated near the sink for guests to conveniently dry their hands. Having you towels neatly hung on towel bars and towel rings is also a hygienic way for them to dry out between usages. To save on cost, you can also buy these types of fixings in sets where you buy three and only pay for two in comparison to buying them separately.
Having a bathroom cabinet installed is perfect for hiding away your various personal products from view. Cabinets vary in price depending on the size and manufacture, as well as materials used in its construction. A simple wall cabinet is probably the less costly and gives you the opportunity to store products you would use for washing your face, shaving, and perhaps a few types of medication such as pain killers. Installing a mirror cabinet over the sink is a good idea as you gain the extra storage, plus you can still use the mirror.