In olden days, bathrooms were just necessities. Generally the smallest room in the household is spared as the bathroom. They used to be very tiny and uncomfortable. But now all that has changed. For the better and for good. Bathrooms have become as equally important as the main rooms in the house. Bathrooms have been given life and fashion according to changing lifestyle of the people using them. By adding a very personal touch to their bathrooms, we have made our bathrooms a work of contemporary art, just like all our other rooms.
Bathroom storage has always been a confusing problem. The towels and other toiletry stuff cannot be kept far away from the bathroom as their right place is in the bathroom. They need an apt storage area, which won’t make your bathroom seem smaller or crowded. Not only for towels but also for medicines and first aid, you need storage space. There are really innovative styles of storage. For example tall shelves and cabinets made of different material. They provide ample storage and they don’t take up much space.
You can also use smaller cabinets for putting lotions, shampoo, creams and stuff like that. These can be fixed near to a mirror, so that you can use it while you are doing yourself up. Using wicker to make storage shelves is another option. They look very classy and they are easy on the pocket too. Keeping your cabinets and shelves aligned to the corners of your bathroom is another way to save on space.
Actually, along the years the whole concept of taking bath has changed altogether. Before, people used a bathroom for the sole purpose of cleansing their body. Now, it is a process that helps you relax your body and regain your energy. But as times changed people began to get busier and busier and now who has the time on a weekday to enjoy a good soak? Then people invented showers. And showers do the same job a warm soak does, but faster.
Electric showers are yet another invention that allows you to know when the temperature is favorable. Some of them even come with a remote control! Electric showers are advantageous when it comes to saving water.
While installing an electric shower, make sure that the plumbing is done right. As it can cause problems, if it is not done properly. All the new such showers made now are extremely temperature sensitive; there fore you don’t have to worry about getting burnt.