How to Keep Contractors Safe in a Work Zone

How to Keep Contractors Safe in a Work Zone

Construction contractors risk their lives daily when completing tasks. It is no secret that the construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States. However, there is equipment available to help with traffic control Washington. The right equipment warns drivers while keeping contractors much safer while they are out on the road and completing assorted projects near heavily populated areas with lots of traffic.

Traffic Cones

It is normal for contractors to use traffic cones to block certain intersections when they are completing jobs. If there are multiple lanes at an intersection and the contractors need to work close to one of these lanes when handling a project, they may need to place the traffic cones in that lane to keep motorists from driving too close to them. The bright orange traffic cones are easy to spot from a distance, allowing motorists to make lane changes before they get too close to the contractors. In addition to the traffic cones, contractors may place traffic barriers at an intersection to prevent motorists from driving down the street and potentially causing harm to contractors who are completing different tasks.

Do Not Enter Signs

While traffic cones and barriers can warner motorists to avoid specific areas, some do not always pay close attention. It is for that reason the contractors will often install signs that say, “Do Not Enter” at the intersection. The sign looks similar to a stop sign, but the text displayed on the front is different. It lets motorists know that they should not enter a specific area, even if they have done so before. Entering the area could pose risks to the motorists and the contractors who are simply trying to get their jobs done as safely as they can.

Many traffic control products come in handy when construction contractors are completing assorted tasks. Along with traffic cones, traffic barriers, and Do Not Enter signs, the contractors may use barricades, detours signs, and flashing yellow lights.