Easy Ways to Improve Commercial Curb Appeal

For the small business owner, every decision that is made should consider the potential to grow the business. One of the lesser realized areas of impact is curb appeal. However, 95% of customers indicate that the external appearance of a location is a key factor in making a decision on where to shop. Here are some ways to improve your appeal.

Put Greenery Out Front

If you don’t have lawn space or room for shrubbery, putting some flower baskets or planters outside the door can create a splash of color. Be careful to keep the plants in good health, or use high-quality fake ones to avoid dead leaves or droopy flowers.

Pave the Parking Lot

With cracks or potholes filing your parking area, you could easily turn away dozens of customers concerned about the impact on their cars. Asphalt paving Pittsburgh PA companies can remedy these conditions, and the return on investment will be well worth the costs of repairs.

Redo Your Signage

Signs that have peeling paint or letters that have fallen off scream “no one cares about this store” to anyone passing by. Replace broken lights to make sure you sign looks good at night, but if a sign is past salvaging, put the money into a new sign and change the perception of the store.

Get a Welcome Mat

They aren’t expensive, but the result can be worth thousands. Making customers feel welcome goes along with branding, but a mat can also create a cleaner entryway when patron wipe their feet.  

Paint Whatever You Can

Freshening the paint on windows or door trim or painting entire walls can give your store a completely new look. The bright, fresh appearance will attract customers, and a cleaner looking store often encourages customers to stay longer and browse around.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to improve the external appearance of your small business. Simply put some thought into keeping things clean and neat.