Possibilities for Bathroom Storage


In olden days, bathrooms were just necessities. Generally the smallest room in the household is spared as the bathroom. They used to be very tiny and uncomfortable. But now all that has changed. For the better and for good. Bathrooms have become as equally important as the main rooms in the house. Bathrooms have been given life and fashion according to changing lifestyle of the people using them. By adding a very personal touch to their bathrooms, we have made our bathrooms a work of contemporary art, just like all our other rooms.
Bathroom storage has always been a confusing problem. The towels and other toiletry stuff cannot be kept far away from the bathroom as their right place is in the bathroom. They need an apt storage area, which won’t make your bathroom seem smaller or crowded. Not only for towels but also for medicines and first aid, you need storage space. There are really innovative styles of storage. For example tall shelves and cabinets made of different material. They provide ample storage and they don’t take up much space.
You can also use smaller cabinets for putting lotions, shampoo, creams and stuff like that. These can be fixed near to a mirror, so that you can use it while you are doing yourself up. Using wicker to make storage shelves is another option. They look very classy and they are easy on the pocket too. Keeping your cabinets and shelves aligned to the corners of your bathroom is another way to save on space.
Actually, along the years the whole concept of taking bath has changed altogether. Before, people used a bathroom for the sole purpose of cleansing their body. Now, it is a process that helps you relax your body and regain your energy. But as times changed people began to get busier and busier and now who has the time on a weekday to enjoy a good soak? Then people invented showers. And showers do the same job a warm soak does, but faster.
Electric showers are yet another invention that allows you to know when the temperature is favorable. Some of them even come with a remote control! Electric showers are advantageous when it comes to saving water.
While installing an electric shower, make sure that the plumbing is done right. As it can cause problems, if it is not done properly. All the new such showers made now are extremely temperature sensitive; there fore you don’t have to worry about getting burnt.

Bathroom Storage Units That Fit Perfectly In All Types OF Bathrooms


Creating storage in the bathroom is important in generating a functional and orderly bathroom. Therefore, there is a need of fitting the bathroom with furniture that provides vital storage space. Among the common bathroom storage units are cabinets, vanity units and open shelves.
Before visiting the stores to make a buy, it is important to determine the bathroom space. This will go a long way in ensuring that the furniture purchased fits the the case of a large bathroom, a large vanity unit can be fitted. The vanity can be used to support the wash basin in addition to offering storage space.
Furthermore, the vanity helps in hiding unwanted pipes and concealing unfinished walls. This helps in transforming the bathroom into a clean and stylish place to be in. Corner vanity unit best serve smaller bathrooms. The corner vanities help in using up spaces that is normally not used.
Homeowners who find it necessary to have more storage space can consider having bathroom cabinets as well as open shelves fitted. In the case of larger bathrooms, standing cabinets or open shelves can be fitted. This type of furniture helps in making good use of the bathroom space.
On the other hand, smaller bathroom can be fitted with hanging bathrooms cabinets and open shelves. The hanging type of furniture offers storage space while leaving enough room for movement. Furthermore, the furniture leaves room that in necessary for cleaning the bathroom floor.
When selecting furniture, consider this reason – the style and practicality of the furniture. Many shared bathroom showers experience cluttering. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration the practicality as opposed to style. In case the bathroom often experiences cluttering, it is important to consider furniture that provides enough storage space. Another factor that needs urgent consideration is the quality.
Homeowners are advised to invest in the quality furniture. Quality furniture has the capacity of lasting for many years. Furthermore, quality furniture has the capacity of withstanding constant bumping when being moved; this helps in saving on the repair and replacement costs. Nevertheless, the furniture needs to be versatile to assist with efforts of remodeling the bathroom in the future.
There are many pieces of furniture available from bathroom stores. This makes finding the right choice of furniture somewhat challenging. Therefore, consulting with the professionals gives the homeowner an opportunity of finding the pieces of furniture that they need.

Living in Space – Eating, Drinking and Answering Nature’s Call


A lot of people aspire to be astronauts because they are truly the national heroes. Yet, there are many who think that astronauts are overrated people who are overpaid for just roaming around in space. Roaming or floating around in space might sound like a fun thing to do, but having fun is not that easy when you are in a microgravity environment. Even the easiest thing on earth can be the toughest thing in space. Imagine in an environment where the smallest drop of sweat can be seen floating in front of your eyes. Would it be that simple to just go to the bathroom and do the same actions you would on earth? That is why the toilets in spacecrafts are different than we have here on earth. While we can decorate and enhance our bathroom with any thing from small bathroom storage to medicine cabinet without mirror, those in space cannot even have a simple toilet seat or a urinal.
Likewise, anything that requires gravity is pretty difficult and different in space. People are always curious to know about how their outer space heroes manage to perform their simple everyday tasks like eating, drinking and then, well, emptying it all out.
The first thing to understand is that space is not a zero gravity environment. In fact, there is gravity in space, but it is extremely less than there is on earth. That is why we call it microgravity. As far as eating is concerned, gravity has little to help us in digestion. It is actually the muscles of our esophagus that push food down to the stomach. The only thing that gravity might help in is in speeding the whole process up. This means, without gravity, food takes longer to process, and therefore, the body absorbs more fat and calories.
Same is the case with drinking. Therefore, astronauts can now take regular meal and water in space. The only difference is of packaging and utensils that are specially designed to keep food inside even after opening. Also, they usually get to eat wet sticky food such as oatmeal or pudding, so that it can better stay stuck to the spoon and bowl. Besides, crumbs of dry food can contaminate the surroundings.
Taking care of personal hygiene is the most difficult task in micro gravity. But, since space missions require more than one man, they have to take care of it anyway. For bathing, astronauts use a wet sponge instead of a shower and use specially made shampoos and soaps do not require to be rinsed off.
Toilets have improved greatly with time. Previously, they only had a 14 day storage capacity. Now it is unlimited. The astronauts have to strap themselves to the toilet seat which makes use of air flow instead of water. It works like a vacuum pipe and moves the solid waste into a bag. The newer model changes the bag after each use and the used bag is pushed into a waste cylinder. Luckily, this makes the newer toilets odor free as well.

5 Ways to Make That Space Open Up For You


The one thing that every home desires is extra space. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest considerations when it comes to choosing a home or even a work premises. Even if the space accorded is enough, there is always the need to have more space to accommodate the growth and expansion that characterizes life in general. Businesses succeed and grow into bigger business. Families multiply and need more room to house more members and more interests. There is always need to find ways to create and modify space to cater for this expansion.
An unlikely feature in the past but now a very necessary aspect, bathroom storage is an issue in most bath areas today. Deemed as one of the least lived-in areas of the home, with the least requirements, it has always been constructed to occupy the least amount of space. There was never need to think that over time, there would be changes to the room that would need an expansion to the area.
For most people, it is during house renovation that the room is able to get a face lift. However, there are ways in which the pre-existing area can be manipulated to achieve the extra space. Certain additions to the bathroom can be brought in to relieve the place of some of the many items it has and thereby create space. This can be done by:

Have open storage spaces

Storage spaces like cabinets and shelves are a great way to create space in the bathroom. When kept open, they further aid in creating the illusion that the bathroom extends further into the wall, making the room seem bigger than it is.

Have glass shelves

Glass shelves are a great idea because since they are transparent, they appear to be spacious, especially when left half full.

Have neutral colour walls

Colours are known to affect the general appearance of the room; neutral colours in particular make the bath room appear larger as opposed to bright colours.

Have lighting installed in the ceiling

This has the added advantage of diverting attention to the top of the bathroom area, causing one to appreciate the area above and make the room seem larger.

Be neat

As a general rule, order will always make it easy to navigate and open up the spaces that are hidden by clutter and disarranged items. When everything is in its place, it seems like the place is bigger than it ever was!
The illusion that the bath area is larger than it really is, is just as good as creating the actual space and sometimes in the long run, the more affordable way to go.

3 Factors Which Help In Creating Bathroom Storage Space


Remodeling the bathroom takes into account several changes including making changes to the toilets and shower area, installing new sinks and fitting new furniture in the bathroom. Such a task demands time and money. Nevertheless, the investment is worth the time. Therefore, proper planning is necessary to ensure the changes done to the bathroom are right.
There are different types of bathroom furniture to choose from, with theme of the house the available space and materials determining the type you are to choose.
A� The theme- The theme of the house needs consideration when choosing the bathroom furniture. This goes a long way in ensuring consistency with the d?�cor. In case the home carries a modern/contemporary look then furniture that is more modern would play an important role in complementing the d?�cor that is already in existence. On the other hand, if the home features classical/traditional look then furniture that bears a classical look would complement the d?�cor that is already in existence.
A� Space- In spite of the space available in the bathroom, there are different types of furniture that can comfortably fit in the bathroom. Before making the decision to purchase furniture, it is important to have the measurements right. This way the homeowner will avoid fixing large pieces of furniture in a small space. On the other hand, you will avoid fitting smaller pieces of furniture in a large space. With the right measurements of the bathroom, the professional at the showroom will be in a position to help you find the right furniture that caters for your needs.
A� The materials- The right pieces of furniture have everything to do with the materials used. There are several materials to choose from including wood, steel, stone, bright glass and chrome. Therefore, the homeowner will have to have in mind the style he/she seeks to convey. In many occasions the theme of the home often determines the materials used in the bathroom.
There is a range of bathroom furniture to choose regardless of the budget of the homeowner. The benefit of vanity units, bathroom cabinets and open shelves help with the creation of additional bathroom storage space. They help to take full advantage of the available space in the bathroom. The right kind of furniture makes the bathroom look organized by getting rid of clutter. Furthermore, the furniture creates room for movement. This helps to transform bathrooms into more luxurious places to be in.

Using Storage Systems to Make Your Bathroom More Beautiful


There are many uses for a small bathroom storage or wall storage systems. They are both beautiful and practical things that help you in taking great care of your in many important ways. You will definitely value your choosing these excellent products for your home. You will definitely be the envy of many of your fellow home owners for your unique and beautiful home. You will be very proud of your excellent home after the great renovations you’ve made to your powder room that make it both beautiful and unique. You’ll definitely be very happy with the improvements you make to your home, even though they may be complex at times and a little challenging to implement. When everything is said and done, you will definitely be happy with your great decision to choose to improve and make your powder room more beautiful.
It’s not really a complex process to choose a great person to put together an excellent home improvement project that will leave you and anyone else who happens to visit your powder room very happy with your choosing to improve.
There are also many benefits to this potentially time consuming process. First, you definitely should find someone to do the work for you and help with the installation process because it can definitely turn out to be much more complex than you anticipated. One of the first things you can do to expedite this process of improving your home is to begin searching for an appropriate professional to do the work for you. Hiring a professional for this type of work is a good choice because it helps in insuring that the work is done well by someone who knows what he or she doing.
You should meet with this great professional to discuss what exactly it is that you want done with your potential home improvement professional. You need to discuss any and all of your unique needs or desires that you want this potential professional to take into account. For example, you may have unique walls that you do not want to be disturbed or a paint color that you definitely want to keep. If this is true, you need to let this professional know so that the two of you can discuss whether or not fulfilling your desires is a good and feasible thing to do.
Another thing that you and this potential professional definitely need to discuss is how much money you are willing to pay him or her for his or her services. It is important that the two of you agree about this and discuss it at length. If your home improvement project is a complex or time consuming process, you need to definitely expect to pay more than for a shorter, simpler project: remember that you are compensating this potential professional for both his or her time and effort. Although this process may be time consuming, you need to remember that in the end, it will be worth it and your powder room will be beautiful and unique – a great accent to any home.

The Best Bathroom Furniture for Your Storage Needs

Bathroom Storage

If you’re like me and you suffer from terminally messy bathroom storage, you’re probably always looking for the perfect storage solution for all your bathroom necessities (and your not-so-necessaries as well!). One solution is some well-positioned bathroom furniture – but it’s no use buying any old cabinets; you need to think about your requirements first.
Generally speaking, you can find cabinets and drawers in all shapes and sizes. From a tiny medicine cabinet to a full set of fitted bathroom storage furniture incorporating cupboards, drawers and open shelving, there’s something for every bathroom.
Often available with a mirrored door or doors, the simple medicine cabinet is the perfect solution for smaller items, and perhaps those items (such as medicines) that need to be kept out of the reach of children. Fixed to the wall at around shoulder height, these useful little bathroom storage furniture staples can be positioned above the basin (especially helpful if they do have a mirrored front), above the toilet to make use of the otherwise wasted space there, or on any wall that’s convenient for you.
Floor standing cabinets are generally larger and more capacious: fantastic for storing bulky items or items you use less frequently. Not ideal for storing smaller items or a number of daily use items, as you could find you spend too much time rummaging around at the back of your cupboards, trying to locate that one thing you know you put in there only last week…
Corner cabinets, as the name indicates, are a piece of bathroom furniture designed specifically to maximize your storage space by bringing an unused corner back into use. These cabinets can be fitted at floor level or up on the wall.
Tall cabinets are a useful piece if you have a limited amount of floor space combined with an unlimited storage requirement. They can be as little as 35cm wide, they can be fitted on a wall, in an alcove or tucked into a corner, and their height means they have lots of internal space for all your odds and ends.

Benefits tips for making bathroom storage space:

positioned at the end of the row, they can unite your bathroom storage floor furniture with a row of wall cabinets above.
Generally situated at floor level, drawer units are useful for organizing items. Bottles and jars can be lined up, organized and divided, and are easily accessible from above when you pull out the drawer – no more rummaging to the back of a cupboard for a fresh bottle of shampoo. Good for items that are small and easily misplaced, and also for items you need to be able to find easily; not so good for bulky items as they fill the space available so easily.
If you like your bathroom furniture to be hardworking and dual purpose, there is no finer item than the vanity unit. Your washbasin sits on top of or is mounted under the counter of the unit and there’s generally plenty of space on the surface for toothbrushes, soap, and other everyday essentials. Your plumbing is hidden below the basin, and your storage space is tucked away there too. A wide vanity unit will offer you an enormous amount of storage space, in the form of drawers, cupboards, open shelving, or a combination of these, but even a small vanity unit offers an impressive amount of capacity for storing essentials.
Open shelving, beneath a washstand, for example, or on a wall between your units or above your basin, is helpful for daily use items. Glass shelving is transparent and can help a room look larger, but try not to cram it too full or you’ll lose this space-enhancing effect.
Finally, to save space inside your bathroom furniture for other items you could think about installing a towel rack. Like an old fashioned luggage rack on a train, these come in traditional or modern styling and can be fitted anywhere you like, including above the bathroom door for truly out of the way storage capacity. Towels can be either rolled or folded and piled up (not too high!) on the rack.

Providing Extra Storage to Your Bathroom Does Not Have to Be Expensive


If you have a bathroom with limited space or virtually no storage facilities, it can be difficult to keep it neat and tidy. There are many options available to make your bathroom clutter free. Some of these options only cost a few dollars, where others can cost much more. If you are limited on the amount of money you can spend on your bathroom, you could start with the smaller fixings before working your way up to the more expensive furniture.
The least expensive way to provide storage to a bathroom is by buying a towel shelf and towel ring. These fixings don’t hide your products from view, but they can keep you bathroom neat and tidy. A towel shelf is multifunctional as it provides a bar to hang towels as well as a shelf to hold smaller products you use on a daily basis. You could even use the shelf to store additional towels.
The towel ring can be situated near the sink for guests to conveniently dry their hands. Having you towels neatly hung on towel bars and towel rings is also a hygienic way for them to dry out between usages. To save on cost, you can also buy these types of fixings in sets where you buy three and only pay for two in comparison to buying them separately.
Having a bathroom cabinet installed is perfect for hiding away your various personal products from view. Cabinets vary in price depending on the size and manufacture, as well as materials used in its construction. A simple wall cabinet is probably the less costly and gives you the opportunity to store products you would use for washing your face, shaving, and perhaps a few types of medication such as pain killers. Installing a mirror cabinet over the sink is a good idea as you gain the extra storage, plus you can still use the mirror.