Having an individual home is a certain dream for many people. Many dream of having a house with an elegant and elegant style. But a large fee makes some people buy an old house or let alone inherit an old house from their parents. Getting an old house is one of the drawbacks of homeowners so they cannot freely create their inspiration at home. Because they get a ready-made house, not a house from the beginning of its construction. But you can replace the old house concept into a concept that is more “you really”. The goal is that the old house is attached to the impression of shabby, old-fashioned, especially old-school terrible, so it is more fresh. The trick is to do a little renovation on your old house.

this is the inspiration of renovation that you can apply to eliminate the haunted impression in an old house.

1. Fix it first

When before replacing the concept of the house with a concept that is more you really, you must first look at whether there is damage to the house. For example, a leaky roof, cracked floor or cubicle and other destruction Because it would be useless if you have redecorated, but in fact the destruction is still intertwined. Do not just cover the damaged parts using furniture, but you must carry out a correct and even revision of the destruction.

2. Repaint

The old house is identical with the fading style of paint and this thing that makes the old house so shabby. For that, you can re-paint the room in the house with a new style. By using pastel motifs, bright patterns or neutral patterns, your old house wants to be newer. Not only that, repainting can make your mood better at home.

You should use a matte color, not a glossy color. The reason is because it can show the destruction that exists.

3. Focus on decoration

Generally in old houses there are wearing makeup in the form of stained glass. You can focus the stained glass like the main focus found in the house, because you want to feel vintage shades on the stained glass. To focus it, you need to renovate your house with the method of re-coloring the room only with a neutral style. If you really want to use wallpaper, you can use simple patterns, for example geometric motifs.

4. Make it more modern

You can also make an old house with a more modern impression, one of the tricks is by choosing furniture. Choose furniture that is more modern and trendy. For example you want to sort chairs, seat selection that plays with color and style. For example patterned blue or bright red. Not only that you can also sort out neutral-patterned chairs but you can mix them with patterned sofa cushions or carpets. The use of carpet can make the room more vibrant.

5. Change the rack to a newer one

Surely the shelves in the old house had become worn and fragile. You can change it with newer, more modern racks. Open rack selection for placing displays in a cubicle.

6. Add plants

To make a fresh old house, you can increase the plants or fresh flowers in the room. If there is a lot of space, you can make an indoor yard filled with plants and flowers But if not enough space, you can put the pot on the edge of the window. Not only makes the house charming, this renovation inspiration wants to make the house more fresh.

7. Change the fence

Generally an old house has a rather large fence, but if you feel comfortable with a nearby area, you can make a fence with dimensions that are so low. The goal is that your house is more visible. Also change the fence material to a newer and more sturdy one.