Do you have small rooms? Uncertain about how to organize and optimize a small bedroom so that it doesn’t look small anymore?

I know exactly the little room dilemma that you are facing. With good planning, it is not impossible that you can have a small room that is safe, attractive, and fully utilized. One of the best strategies is to use a folding bed. Want to know how to optimize a tiny room with a folding bed?

1. Utilize a folding bed in the form of a cupboard

With a small room that has broad limitations, it is important to optimize the use of space. A folding bed, or murphy bed, that functions like a cupboard, has storage for items when you need it and can be automatically transformed into a bed when you need it (for instance when guests arrive). In many cases these ‘cupboard’ style beds don’t actually have too much storage. As you can imagine, collapsing such a bed can cause issues, however, you should keep reading to see other styles of murphy beds that do include additional storage. Note that murphy bed mattress thicknesses are unique. So, you might want to research this a bit deeper before committing to buy one. 

Many folding beds such as these are also equipped with a handle on the bottom to make it easier to pull the bed in the room. However, ensure that you check on the size of your murphy bed / folding bed before you purchase it. Because of their unique shape and use, murphy beds tend to require a lot of forethought, design (sometimes custom work!) and space planning. Curious about ‘ what is a murphy bed? ‘, take a look at the link. They’ve done a great job outlining all the common questions people have before buying and designing custom or DIY beds. 

2. Folding beds flanked by cabinets on both sides

Speaking of folding bed type cabinets, do you know that some folding beds have cupboards on both sides? This makes it really convenient to store bedroom objects or to have a makeshift dresser. If you’re already thinking of having a folding bed in the form of a cupboard (like in Point #1 above), the folding bed in the second point mixes the two — allowing you to pretend like you have a cupboard and also allowing you to actually store things! You can keep storing small objects in the storage zone on both sides.

With this folding bed, you don’t need to buy other cabinets to put some of your favorite things. Very effective for the little room you have, right?

3. Folding Beds that become Bookshelves

Want to relax while reading a novel? You can do it in your bed. For those of you who like to read novels, now you don’t need a lot of shelves for novels — which can make your little room feel smaller. Instead, you can utilize a bed that doubles as a bookshelf. This solution allows you to quickly access books when it is upright and then you can fold down your bed to curl up and start reading. Here’s a deeper dive into the topic of ‘ How does a murphy bed work?

You can try out various folding bed designs which are also combined with novel shelves. Or, you can use a folding bed consisting of a small cubicle rack to store your favorite set of novels.

4. Folding beds for Hobbies

It’s challenging making time for hobbies when you have a job. People sometimes seem to be on busy schedules and don’t have much free time to relax, let alone arrive at their own room and work on their hobbies. To utilize a small room for hobbies, why not consider a folding bed that also doubles as a table? Kind of a crazy concept but it works! 

This folding bed is perfect for those of you who live in homes or apartments with small rooms. Doesn’t it feel like there is a huge selection of folding beds that fit all your needs? Look at all these amazing options on pintrest!

5. Optimize Your Tiny Room with a Bed-Chair

Sometimes, there is suitable furniture in one room, but it seems strange when placed in another room. 

You can use a folding chair type bed because the use is two-in-one, where you can quickly turn it into a practical bed as well as a seat. By using a bed chair, you can have another furniture option in your room besides just a bed with a mattress.

If your room is very small, you can make a bed chair the main bed. Make sure you determine the dimensions of your tiny room and determine what bed chair you want…so that you get the perfect chair model.

6. Optimize Places in a room with a Folding Bed Roll

Still undecided about how to optimize your tiny room? Just try a bed roll. If your little room lacks enough space for a folding bed like a murphy bed, or it is oddly shaped, you can use bed rolls as your main bed. 

Pop and roll beds make your room seem much more organized because you can fold this bed and stow it away somewhere on top, leaving free space underneath to put some other items. You can easily control how big or low this folding bed is.

7. Do you Have Some Meaningful Items? Hide them in a Murphy Bed!

Can you remember a childhood memory where you put a secret and meaningful object at the bottom of your bed? Currently many folding bed designs are made similar to your memory…they have storage options. In general, murphy beds have storage room under the mattress.

There are various types of folding bed designs. One particularly cool design is a foldable storage bed where you can rotate a handle to reveal a suitcase. And this suitcase can be used to transport your mattress or take the things that you keep underneath.

As you can see, murphy beds are not limited to one style. Now that you’ve read my article, are you interested in space-saving folding beds that enhance your smaller rooms?