The one thing that every home desires is extra space. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest considerations when it comes to choosing a home or even a work premises. Even if the space accorded is enough, there is always the need to have more space to accommodate the growth and expansion that characterizes life in general. Businesses succeed and grow into bigger business. Families multiply and need more room to house more members and more interests. There is always need to find ways to create and modify space to cater for this expansion.
An unlikely feature in the past but now a very necessary aspect, bathroom storage is an issue in most bath areas today. Deemed as one of the least lived-in areas of the home, with the least requirements, it has always been constructed to occupy the least amount of space. There was never need to think that over time, there would be changes to the room that would need an expansion to the area.
For most people, it is during house renovation that the room is able to get a face lift. However, there are ways in which the pre-existing area can be manipulated to achieve the extra space. Certain additions to the bathroom can be brought in to relieve the place of some of the many items it has and thereby create space. This can be done by:

Have open storage spaces

Storage spaces like cabinets and shelves are a great way to create space in the bathroom. When kept open, they further aid in creating the illusion that the bathroom extends further into the wall, making the room seem bigger than it is.

Have glass shelves

Glass shelves are a great idea because since they are transparent, they appear to be spacious, especially when left half full.

Have neutral colour walls

Colours are known to affect the general appearance of the room; neutral colours in particular make the bath room appear larger as opposed to bright colours.

Have lighting installed in the ceiling

This has the added advantage of diverting attention to the top of the bathroom area, causing one to appreciate the area above and make the room seem larger.

Be neat

As a general rule, order will always make it easy to navigate and open up the spaces that are hidden by clutter and disarranged items. When everything is in its place, it seems like the place is bigger than it ever was!
The illusion that the bath area is larger than it really is, is just as good as creating the actual space and sometimes in the long run, the more affordable way to go.