5 Methods of Correcting A HOUSE WHICH IS LEAKED EASY

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When the rainy season comes, anxiety and panic attack. Worried the roof leaked and “flood” suddenly hit immediately. Relax, there is a method to fix the exact roof of this house really. Lets follow!

If the roof of our house is leaking, surely this matter will be very troublesome.

Not only can we make our homes ‘flooded’, leaky roofs on a regular basis can also cause damage to furniture such as cabinets, sofas or other wooden furniture.

The atmosphere of the house is also increasingly insecure because there are many buckets in the corners of the house.

Meanwhile, this kind of time does not really need to be established if we understand the method of estimating leaky roofs and other obstacles.

So, don’t have time to underestimate this leaky roof because the effect would be to be very annoying and make you feel bad!

Follow carefully the description of the method of fixing a leaky roof from 99 Web Indonesia below because of course it would be useful for you after that day.

Here are some suggestions for methods of fixing a leaky roof for you:

5 Methods of Correcting a Leaking House Roof with Ease

1. Use Water Proofing

Changes in weather each year can surely cause the roof of our house to leak.

For that, we must often check our roofs and not less remember to apply water proofing.

Do you know what use this water proofing is?

Simply put, water proofing is useful for patching leaks that are intertwined on the roof of the house so that no more problems.

The leaky part of the roof can be patched with water proofing because this paint has a waterproof liquid so water does not seep.

2. Pay Attention to the Roof Slope

The roof of the house is generally designed tilted so that the flow of rain water can easily go down to the bottom.

Therefore, if the roof of your house is rather flat and flat, to the point where it can cause roof leaks because rainwater slows down and is capable of hitting concrete.

For that, pay attention to the slope of the roof which generally ranges between 30-40 degrees.

Not only that, it also reduces the roof connection because this also has the potential to cause leakage.

If when this development is carefully arranged, then you can become calmer next.

3. Fix sagging tile

Unplanned, it could be precarious or zinc roof of the house sag due to strong winds.

If the problem is like this, you are obliged to quickly position the roof to the right place.

This step certainly cannot be tried immediately, but it needs to be tried periodically.

There is no harm in regularly checking the roof of your house so that cases like this can be resolved early right?

4. Rinse the Gutter

Dirty gutters, for example from the leaves of molt leaves, want to limit the course of rainwater.

If this matter is intertwined, surely the gutter cannot accommodate and drain the water properly because the channel is obstructed.

Therefore, just before the rainy season comes, it’s a good idea for you to sterilize the rubbish on the roof of the house you want to disturb.

Do not less remember to check and rinse the gutters evenly and regularly yes!

5. Change Crack Cracked or Crushed

Well, if you often go to the roof of the house, sometimes you are not planned to arrive precariously, causing cracked tiles.

Not only that, it is not impossible that the roof is cracked or vanished because its quality has rotted with age.

But sometimes you don’t remember and just leave it without changing it.

The one who bothered is sure to be suitable when it rains.

Instantly rain water has dripped onto the floor of the house. If it happens like this, quickly change your crisis if there is destruction.